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Real Estate Investments

Real Estate Investments

We design custom solutions for real estate purchases, as well as for build-to-suit and leaseback operations. 

Purchases and Sales

We develop a detailed review of the best active real estate options available for sale in the market. We assist in managing the asset portfolio, participating in the valuation and demobilization of the real estate portfolio.

Sale & Leaseback

This is an operation in which the property is sold to investors who lease back the property to the former owner, normally through a long-term lease.  With the sale of the real estate, the former owner recovers financial resources to invest in the company’s primary activities.

Build To Suit

This real estate operation can be defined as a custom build, in which the investor makes a property feasible based on the specific requirements of the future tenant, in the form of a binding lease with a pre-defined time period that thus guarantees the return on investment.