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Real Estate Consulting

Real Estate Consulting

We perform custom market studies based on our best understanding of your company’s requirements; our insight into current market conditions informs the decisions we recommend.


First, we pledge to analyze your company’s current situation in great detail and strive to understand your true needs, so that we can apply our expertise to the corporate real estate market, with the goal of helping you achieve the best results, both short- and long-term. Our real-estate consulting facilitates the analysis of all of the tangible and intangible variables that impact your decision to “stay or go.” Our recommendations are substantiated by market data, analysis tools specifically designed to minimize risks, reduce costs, and increase productivity and quality for your company.

Research and Market Studies: Informed by a commercial and industrial real estate database that is constantly updated by our professionals who specialize in market intelligence, we possess key insights that support our clients’ best decisions based current and future real estate stock surveys. We are thus able to project the latest market trends and interpret price curves, which enables us to focus on client strategic objectives as we recommend solutions for their companies.

Moving and Renegotiation Studies: We analyze your current occupancy, factoring in future projected growth, sharing of workstations, collaborative spaces and other market trends, with the goal of determining our client companies’ true space requirements. We analyze all operational costs, as well as options for savings, taking into consideration building fees and Building and Urban Territory Tax (IPTU), parking expenses, utilities, cleaning, reception staffing and maintenance costs associated with company operations at the current address, in addition to rental costs.

Analysis Tools: We geo-reference addresses in order to determine logistical advantages for employee, client and supplier access for each location of interest. We compare the quality of services offered and the safety of the surroundings, as well as the visibility and technical features of the real estate being analyzed. We have put together a financial analysis platform that integrates all expense items and a database of options in order to determine cash flow, present value and internal rate of return for each possible decision scenario.

Real Estate Analysis: We produce evaluation reports using a simple model in the form of a desktop valuation or in a more in-depth format providing valuations that follow technical norms of engineering.